Plandemic Audiobook

Fear is the virus.
Truth is the cure.

Seeking to disprove the claims of the film Plandemic, an investigative journalist uncovers a deep web of corruption and mystery.



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The Origins


Plandemic 1


Debunking the Debunkers


Plandemic 2


The Gatekeepers


The Dress Rehearsal


Gates of Hell


Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers


Ending Where It Began




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100% Censored.
0% Debunked.

The incredible true story of the most banned documentary in history

Researching the controversy arising after releasing the viral film Plandemic, the most seen and censored documentary in history, an investigative journalist sets out to disprove and debunk claims made throughout the film. Instead, they open Pandora’s box to witness firsthand an underworld of corruption, lies, and the darkest of unsolved mysteries.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Founder, Children’s Health Defense
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"Mikki Willis is the Paul Revere of the rebellion against the burgeoning totalitarianism of the Biosecurity State. Willis’ incendiary film, Plandemic, sparked the seeds of revolution in a billion open minds and ignited the dangerous global conflagration of critical thinking."
Dr. Meryl Nass
Dr. Meryl NassBiological Warfare Epidemiologist
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"Mikki Willis is a visionary who saw what was happening in our world before almost everyone else and has managed to explain it beautifully in film and print. Read this book to understand the world you live in!"
Del Bigtree
Del BigtreeHost,
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"In the future the world will likely be divided into two groups: those who knew it was a Plandemic and those who believed The Lie. To be sure, no one will report that ignorance was bliss."
Lara Logan
Lara LoganAward Winning Investigative Journalist
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"Mikki Willis is a courageous journalist who exemplifies what good men are capable of when standing for principles and the truth."
Ben Swann
Ben SwannAward Winning Investigative Journalist
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"In the history of journalism there has never been a documentary or book more important for the moment and more feared by the establishment."
Dr. Mercola
Dr. MercolaFounder,
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"Mikki’s commitment to uncovering truth overrides any of his partisan beliefs. He’s brilliantly compiled a captivating must-read to explain the censorship and tyranny that ensued once the pandemic began."

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